Great Falls International

           Word Festival

Celebrating its 10th Year.


Welcome to The Great Falls Word Festival web site.


This year's festival will be 4 days.  Program Book Click Here


Starting on Friday night Oct 11th and ending on Monday Oct 14th.


This is the 10th year of a Fall Word Festival produced by Human Error Publishing


As the founder, bottle washer, and performer, I am glad to be here celebrating.

 Having something to say, having a story to tell, having the courage to stand up and express yourself, is what these festivals are about.


Human Error Publishing presents young and old writers, those just finding their voice, to well-seasoned authors who have published many books, won awards, been on tours, and make their living from their craft of writing and performing.


This year will be our third year as The Great Falls Word Festival which will be held in Turners Falls, MA. with the Shea Theater being our main venue.


If you are interested in being in the festival contact


Festival Buttons are $25 includes everything over the 4 days.


Writers this covers your registration for the festival, being listed in the program book, and total access to all the workshops, and all ticketed performances.


Audience this covers any of the shows over the 4 days, and helps support the festival and is the best deal, over paying for all the different shows separately.


Students and Seniors are $15 - includes the same as above


A one day $10 registration fee. Writers this $10 pass pays for your registration to read at the festival for one day, listing in the program book. All other shows will be paid for separately, including the night shows that day. During the day readings and workshops included.


There will be separate prices for the public for the afternoon shows and performances at night through out the for days, making the Festival Button the best deal.


Buttons can be bought in advance

Buy Festival Buttons Here



The schedule is being developed as we speak so check back regularly


Please support the venues that have supported the festival by putting an ad in the program book or been a sponsor – today and throughout the year. Buy coffee, lunch or dinner, and for the retail venues check out what they have to offer. Help us to thank them for their kind support of the festival by supporting them. Human Error Publishing supports the festival, with blood, sweat and humor. I hope that you will donate and help fund Human Error Publishing so that these kinds of festivals can continue to happen.


These dates are on the calendar as Columbus Day weekend

They are also observed for other reasons that will be themes in this years festival.


Oct 11th is National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an annual LGBT awareness day


First Day of the Girl Child. The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender.


12 Oct, 1945 - Germany Nazi Party Dissolved

The Nazi party is ordered to dissolve by The Allied Control Council and stated that any attempt at it's revival in any guise would be considered a criminal offense.


Oct 13th 1966 - 173 US aircraft bomb North Vietnam and we are still bombing around the world


Oct 14th Acknowledging Indigenous people all over the world, their rights and what has been done to their cultures and is still being done.


The Great Falls Word Festival 2019

Will be 4 days of Words

Of joy

Of rebellion

Of remembering

Of healing

Of calling out the injustices



More info will be  on the web site soon


The Venues are

The Shea - large theater

The  Shea - downstairs intimate space (seats 40)

The Shea - downstairs the green room

The Discovery Center