Great Falls International

           Word Festival

Celebrating its 11th Year.


Venues and Word Artists are in the process of being selected for this year.


Below you find the outline of the festival for the 4 days.


Here is this years Progam Book, keep checking back here for updates


Over 160 writers take part.

All events in this list are at the Shea Theater, either up stairs in the larger theater or downstairs  reading room will be posted soon. There are other venues that will be listed with times and dates.


Friday Oct 11th at the Shea Theater

Is National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an annual LGBT awareness day




First Day of the Girl Child. The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender.


At the Shea Theater

6:00 - Pop up book store will open.


First Show  7:30 Show - $5 to $10 ticket or Festival Button


Paula Sayword

Anne Perkins

Kate Rex


Alice Barrett

Grace Ariela B

Timothy Ranney-Blake

Roger West

Anna Laird Barto

Rescue Poetix

Tantra Zawadi

Annie Hassett

Surprises Abiodun Oyewole


20 minute break


Open Mic, One 3 minute poem each trip to the mic into the night.




Saturday Oct 12


At the Shea Theater


11:00 Book Store Opens


12:00 Saturday

Up Stairs – Open Mic, One poem, 3 minutes, each trip to the mic



Down Stairs   Slate Roof Workshop – Book Arts Presentation

See details



11:00 Saturday


Up Stairs – Novels / Short Stories


Stephen Billias

Alan Harris

Nancy Stark

Richard Horton

Jan Maher


Down Stairs  - Slate Roof - Reading


2:00 Saturday


Up Stairs

Raine Brown

Robert Eugene Perry

Karen Warinsky

Susan Middleton

David Henri




Down Stairs -


 Tommy Twilite Workshop

See details


3:00 Saturday

Up Stairs - Meat For Tea Authors

Host: Elizabeth MacDuffie

Giorgia Alexander

Richard Horton

Seth Cable

Candace Curran

Cori Cannavino


Down Stairs



Mary Chicoine

Ilina Singh

Faith Kindness

Marion Griswold

Karen Miller

Jovonna Van Pelt


At the Discovery Center

3:00 Saturday

Haiku Circle


4:00 Saturday  Up Stairs Shea



Tom Timmins

Timothy Gager

Terry S Johnson

Jon Wesick

Linda Wlodyka



Down Stairs

Deb Habib and Rick Baruc

Debbie Tosun Kilday

Donald Fisher

James Paul Wagner

Kate Rex



Dinner Break  5:00   6:45



7:00 – Florence Poets

Gerry Yelle

Anita Gallers

Linda Wlodyka

Sasha Berman

Eileen Kennedy

Tommy Twilite

Howie Faerstein

Rosie McMahan


8:30 - Do It Now

Paul Richmond

John Sheldon

Tony Vacca

Jo Sallins


“A Collaboration of Masters. Together they create a funkadelic and free-flow concoction of cool Beat Poetry, soaring melodies and irresistible percussion. Equal parts magic carpet ride, mesmerizing sound-web and outspoken words. What these guys do just might be the perfect industrial-strength elixir for our tumultuous times.”


$10 to $20 sliding scale ticket or festival button 4 this show.



Sunday Oct 13th


At the Shea Theater


11:00 Sunday Book Store


12:00 Sunday - Up Stairs - Open Mic, One poem 3 minutes, each trip to the mic


Down Stairs – Solo Pieces

1) Nina Gross

2) Surprises TBN


1:00 Sunday - Up Stairs -

Historical Oracles

Laura Rodley Hosts




Down Stairs -  Dina Stander - Workshop - Making Friends With the Mic

See details


2:00 Sunday


Up Stairs

Carlos Raúl Dufflar

Ángel Martínez

Willie Velázquez

Larry Green

Rick Marsh

Dimitri Rimsky



Down Stairs – Well Done Writers of Greenfield



3:00 Sunday


Up Stairs - Climate Change Plays


Down Stairs

Open Mic, One poem, 3 minutes, each trip to the mic



Down Stairs Greenroom - Tantra-zawadi & Rescue Poetix  Workshop

See details


4:00 Sunday


4:00 Sunday - Up Stairs

Human Error Publishing

Amy Laprade

Ron Whittle

Dina Stander

Eric Wasileski

Richard Horton

Paul Richmond


Down Stairs

Suan Middleton

Maddy Leue

Janice Sorensen

Dennis Piana

Paul Szlosek

Kate Rex


Dinner Break  5:00   6:45


Sunday Night Shows

$5 to $10 ticket or Button

7:00  “True” Stories

Amie Hyson

Doug Anderson

Susan Cocailin


Andrew Shelffo

Paul Richmond

Dina Stander




8:30   - Sunday Night

Tony Vacca will be performing solo and accompaning


Candace Curran

Doug Anderson

John Sheldon

Roger West


Rescue Poet

Abiodun Oyewole

Surprises TBA



Oct 14th  Monday


11:00 Book Store Opens



12:00 - Monday

Up Stairs  & Down Stairs  Open Mic, One poem, 3 minutes, each trip to the mic


Monday 1:00


Up Stairs


David Wyman

Lori Lamothe



Down Stairs – Kate Rex workshop

See details


Monday 2:00


Up Stairs – Open Mic on Climate Change

Jan Maher Host

Michael Travisano


Down Stairs  Open Mic, One poem, 3 minutes, each trip to the mic


Monday 3:00


Up Stairs - Kate Rex -

Writers from the workshop


Down Stairs - roundtable/forum on role of poets and writers in catastrophic times


Monday 4:00


Up Stairs Wordwifery presents “Chalice of Crones” reading Memoir.

Ruth Flohr, Facilitator

Morning Star Chenven

Shelley Hines

Kai Jud

Nan Riebschlaeger

Nancy Spittle

Sharon Tracy

Ilina Singh




Dinner Break  5:00   6:45


Final Show - $5 to $10 or Festival Button


Monday 7:00 – This Surprise finally will include many of the

poets and performers who have taken part in the festival for one last grand show.