Great Falls Word Festival


Celebrating its 10th Year.

Here is the beginning list of workshops, discussion, etc taking place during the festival, many more will be listed.


Times and dates are still being worked on


The Poet, the Artist, the Printer: Book Arts and the Small Press


 What are the choices that go into producing the physical book—the first thing a reader sees? How do the choices of physical object and artwork guide and enhance the text within to make a book more than the sum of its parts? Sheburne Falls artist Christin Couture joins Slate Roof Press master printer Ed Rayher and Slate Roof poets Janet MacFadyen, Anna M. Warrock, Richard Wollman, and  Amanda Doster to discuss the opportunities and restraints that come when poets, artists, and printers work collaboratively on a project. Slate Roof poets are fully involved in their own book design, including cover choices, papers, typeface, artwork, die cuts, etc. The result is that each chapbook uniquely reflects its author, while showcasing the work of both local artists and bookmakers.



A forum/discussion on the role poets and writers in general have to play in a world threatened by climate change



A lyric/songwriting workshop by Tommy Twlitle