Great Falls International

           Word Festival

Celebrating its 11th Year.

Here is the beginning list of workshops, discussion, etc taking place during the festival, many more will be listed.



1) Saturday at Noon at the Shea Theater, Downstairs


The Poet, the Artist, the Printer: Book Arts and the Small Press - Slate Roof Workshop


 What are the choices that go into producing the physical book—the first thing a reader sees? How do the choices of physical object and artwork guide and enhance the text within to make a book more than the sum of its parts? Sheburne Falls artist Christin Couture joins Slate Roof Press master printer Ed Rayher and Slate Roof poets Janet MacFadyen, Anna M. Warrock, Richard Wollman, and  Amanda Doster to discuss the opportunities and restraints that come when poets, artists, and printers work collaboratively on a project. Slate Roof poets are fully involved in their own book design, including cover choices, papers, typeface, artwork, die cuts, etc. The result is that each chapbook uniquely reflects its author, while showcasing the work of both local artists and bookmakers.


Slate Roof Press has three times presented panels at the Mass Poetry Festival and twice at the Amherst Poetry Festival. We've also done programming at the Sommerville Public Library, and been the featured presenter for the Simmons College 2018 Robert Gay Memorial Lecture Series. Since our beginning in 2006, we have offered public programming--including talks, workshops, readings, and multi-media events-- for Local Cultural Grants, libraries, schools, and senior centers.


2) Saturday 2:00 Downstairs at the Shea - A lyric / songwriting workshop - “Easy Songwriting tips and ideas with Tommy Twilite”.

This will be a fun workshop using poetry, lyrics and basic guitar chord progressions to create a song. Participants are encouraged to bring an instrument and/or some original poetry that they feel has a musical or rhythmic quality. Otherwise, we will work together

to try to create something “on the spot” by using our group collective energy to “get our groove on “


3) Sunday at Noon Downstairs at the Shea - Making Friends with the Mic; Brought to you by veteran festival emcee and performer Dina Stander, “Making Friends With the Mic” is a chance to get up close and explore different ways of approaching the microphone. This is a playful, judgement-free, introvert friendly, safe space for building confidence and having fun whenever you step up to the mic.



4) Sunday at 3:00 Downstairs at the Shea

Facilitated by:

Tantra-zawadi and Rescue Poetix

Class size: Maximum 15 participants per session


Universal Woman is the shared vision of Tantra Zawadi and Rescue Poetix.  The concept of this project is to empower women as sisters and keepers of one another. Universal Woman was inspired by the late Walter Williams (father of Tantra-Zawadi), to whom we dedicate this celebration of women's empowerment and unity. Universal Woman is designed to bridge the gaps that women themselves put up toward one another that comes from the constant societal conditioning that each woman must always compare and compete with and against the next woman. The power of womanhood is, by its very nature, designed to nurture and grow. We empower one another by accepting and loving, teaching and learning, listening and being the best of who we are with one another.


Universal Woman is also an expandable workshop for women’s writers groups, girls clubs, poetry workshops, performances and women’s empowerment events. These inspiring activities are uniquely designed to explore the legacy of women of the past and ways we can build better relationships with ourselves and the world around us.  Both Tantra-zawadi and Rescue Poetix are renown poets, presenters, publishers and educators with vast experience nationally and internationally.


The proposed event would consist of:

A women centered poetry writing and performance workshop where the theme of “Universal Woman” will be discussed and shared from varying perspectives  Individual and collaborative writing exercises.




5) Monday at 1:00  Kate Rex

From “behind the cold iron bars” of a Turkish prison Nedim Turfant pleads with the world to not forget him or his fellow imprisoned writers.


In this workshop we will honour his request.  We will be looking at 2 of his poems and writing to him in response.


Nedim is a writer and journalist imprisoned in 2016 after reporting clashes between the Turkish army and protestors.  He is currently serving a sentence of 8 years and 9 months 2 of which have been spent in solitary confinement.


His case has been taken by PEN International.  Earlier this year he wrote to Kate including in his letter an extract of one of his poems.


Proprioceptive Writing - Deepen your thinking and sharpen your listening. Limit it to 6 participants. Would be probably a two-hour workshop since it would have

an introduction by me for 10-15 minutes,

20 minutes of writing by each,

then each writer reads (60 minutes total estimated),

then 15-30 total minutes of a special kind of feedback.


Writers write in longhand. I bring in a boombox to play baroque music during the "Writes". I was trained in 1987 by the originator of the discipline, Linda Trichter Metcalf. Have done about 750 Writes over the years. She has a book Writing the Mind Alive. You may know about this practice.


6) Monday 3:00  Downstairs at the Shea

- roundtable/forum on role of poets and writers in catastrophic times